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Alton Tennis Club

Wimbledon Ballot

By Ailsa Jacob Alton Tennis Club

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Chair, Alton Tennis Club


Members are requested to please opt in to the ballot for Wimbledon tickets 2017. All Alton Tennis Club members gain automatic British Tennis Membership (BTM) so all are eligible to enter the ballot. Even if you do not wish to go to Wimbledon, your opt-in will count towards the number of Wimbledon tickets the club is allocated. The club then allocates the tickets by drawing names out a hat (this takes place at the end of our annual Spring Clean event). Members indicate on their annual renewal form whether or not they wish to be included in the draw - if you are not sure whether you ticked the box but would like to be included, please contact Lesley Johnson to confirm that you wish to be entered. 

Please go to the following page and click on Wimbledon opt-in:  https://www.lta.org.uk/member/login/ 

Many thanks!



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