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Alton Tennis Club

Junior Prize-Giving

By Ailsa Jacob Alton Tennis Club

Saturday, 10 December 2016


Chair, ATC




We had a fantastic turn-out for Junior Prize-Giving.  Santa sent his not - so - little - helper, our 6ft+ Will ;o) to hand out certificates and medals to a range of worthy winners:  tournament winners, 'most improved' in each age group & a range of other categories; most ambidexterous, most accurate line calls, longest rally, loudest voice, best thermodynamics (always in shorts, even on cold days) etc. etc.,  Billy Parkins won the coveted overall Junior Achievement Award. Well done to him and to all our winners - it is great to see our Juniors so full of energy and enthusiasm.

A million thanks to Will for running Junior Club so efficiently and making it such fun - we have doubled our numbers in the past year and now have just under 80 Juniors (hooray!). And - last but not least - to Judy Brown for organising the event and supplying the buffet (which our Juniors attacked like a swarm of locusts) !   Thanks Judy; it went down a treat! :o) 






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